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Made by Serif

Spices & Foodstuffs

Garbage bags

Dishwashing liquids

Laundry Detergent


Crib sheets

Extra beach towels

Laptop computers

Linens for cribs & portacribs

Your Ipod or MPEG Device

Game stations, video games, x-boxes, etc

(We do provide puzzles,

Scrabble, paperbacks,

DVD movie library, Kid Vids, and 1 music player w. Ipod dock.

Call Ramona Parsons if your linens have not been delivered by around 4:30 pm,

…. (757) – 375-2116 cell

note: we also use the Carova Heights and we often leave some of the items listed above. You are most welcome to use these products, but please be aware that these are items that our Guests normally provide themselves.

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Outdoors Gear:

Fishing rods

Outdoor Tents



Water wings

Floatation & water safety


Wet suits or other water gear