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In Greece the word “xenia” for “guest” is also the word for “friend.” It also indicates hospitality—all qualities we embrace, and promises rental companies rarely deliver.  

You’re renting from:

Rande Joiner,

Robert Honig

& Gloria.

We do love Carova Heights. We will do our best to share that experience with you, your family and friends.

We will do everything that we can to make your stay at Carova Heights all that you hoped it would be.  We hire great people to maintain the property and take care of  our guests.  You’ll see from the list of things we provide, we go the extra mile.

Located 3 miles south of the Virginia border in Carova Beach. This house is one lot back from oceanfront and is about 15ft. higher. The house elevation is higher than any other house as far as the eye can see.

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Our House is Your House

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This web site gives you answers to basic questions. But even we can’t think of everything--so please ask and we’ll be glad to help.  Our goal is to make Carova Heights better and better.  Your questions and comments make all the difference.