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If you leave your pets when
You drive into Corolla or beyond
Please use the dog run provided.
Next to the carport on the right.
It’s spacious and airy, but
Provides protection from weather.

1.  Dogs should not be left unattended or unsupervised in the house for any period of time.  
2.  Please provide appropriate chew sticks or bones for your pet at the beach house.

3.  Flea and tick preventative such as Frontline Plus, no one wants fleas or ticks.

4.  All pets must have rabies and distemper vaccinations, be spayed or neutered.

5.  Shut bedroom doors during the daylight hours.

6.  Please do not leave uneaten dog or pet food on the floor overnight. 

7. If you snuggle with pets on the furniture, please use the aqua fleece covers we provide in the closet near the front entrance that can be used to cover some furniture and  the great room furniture.  Please take these off the furniture at your departure, and leave them on the washing machine on the lower level.  

8.  No dogs on the beds please. 

9.  No dogs in the hot tub for their safety and yours.  Ditto for indoor Jacuzzi tubs.

10.  Please rinse off your dog (1) before entering the gated pool area and (2) before entering the house.

11.  Towel dry the dog before letting him/her into the house.  A fluffy towel by the front door works.
12.  Dogs like to cool off or swim in the pool, but please be sensible and supervise your dog. 

13.  Accidents happen.  A special enzyme solution (for odor) and carpet cleaner are under the kitchen sink.  You should mark areas that do not clean up with a white piece of paper with an arrow.

14.  Dogs are allowed on the beach.  Cars and horses present a real danger. New Leash Laws apply!
15.  Your pet is your responsibility while at Carova Heights and by agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree to hold us harmless and waive any and all liability for injury to your pet or others.

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